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ThirdWay Alliance Kenya

ThirdWay Alliance Kenya is dedicated to creating a transformational politics in Kenya.  #ThirdwayKE

Thirdway Kenya was found in August,2014. Our objective is to build a like-minded community of Kenyans, a progressive-based majority community. ThirdwayKE represents a new kind of energy that is missing in our politics, and an effort to get more people directly involved in our political process.

  1. ThirdwayKE efforts have been spurred on by a network of activists from different advocacy groups with casual alliances of like minded Kenyans alarmed at the direction this country is taking.
  2. We have a right as citizens and taxpayers to demand a system that not only is free of corruption but one that promotes competitive elections and encourages civility and constructive engagement in our political process.
  3. We believe society should reward talent,intelligence,competence and hard work. We believe in integrity and are committed to an ethical approach to politics.

After the Market State, Phillip Blond

After the Market State, Phillip Blond.

Phillip BlondBeyond the Market State, Villanova University
Blond brings his civil society vision to America.  Redpublic has no official endorsement of Blond or Red Toryism, but found this lecture particularly insightful, especially when he dives into the more philosophical section. We were particularly fond of when Blond claims Jean-Jacques Rousseau can be read intelligibly by both statists on the Left and libertarians on the Right because both share a love affair with liberalism, which eradicates any true difference between the modern Left and Right.