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Local governments/ municipalities and civil society

In local governments/ municipalities around the world, there are many innovations taking place that are devolving  power to civil society.  We want to identify and promote these innovations and transform the operations and functions of local governance.

We also want to hear from and network citizens around the world who are standing for election to public office in municipalities who have a commitment to empowering civil society.

If you are considering standing for public office in this area, we would like to hear from you. Our hope is that we can generate and share ideas and innovations for transforming local governance, develop teams of people committed to working together in in this area, in electoral activity, policy and innovation.

Indicate your interest by completing this form, and we will connect people with common interests.

What is ‘Civil Society’?

The term ‘civil society’ refers to the relationships and associations that make up our lives at the grass-roots level of society in families, neighbourhoods and voluntary associations – independent of both government and the commercial world.

“Our aim is strengthen civil society and empower people within it.”

The term does not refer to ‘politeness’ or ‘civility’ in public life, as important as that is. It refers to that part of society that is not part of the state, hence the term ‘civilian’ when used to distinguish a person in civil society from military personnel or state officials, or the notion of a civil offence in law which is an offence between persons rather than a criminal matter.

Vern Hughes