Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets

This Project identifies and promotes major initiatives in the development of self-directed services and individual budgets in disability, mental health, ageing, chronic illness and education, and networks change-makers who want to introduce this way of empowering users of services and their families to their own communities and countries.

The trend towards ‘personalisation’ of funding is well-advanced in some countries, and very under-developed in others.  The key feature of this approach is that supports and services are not dispensed to recipients by providers, but are made available via an individual budget which the intended beneficiary may use to purchase the supports and services they require. The purpose is to ‘personalise’ as much as possible the support and care required. This system is called Self-Directed Support, or Consumer-Directed Care, or Personalised or Individualised Funding. Variations of these terms are used in Education and Health Care.

If you are interested in these areas, we would like to hear from you. Our hope is that we can generate shared agendas for promoting these empowerment models internationally, and assist change-makers in a growing number of countries to implement them.

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If you wish to play a leadership role in this area, you may also be interested in joining an International Leadership Group to oversee this project.