The Civil Society Movement has six categories of membership.

Membership entitles individuals and organisations to participate in the Projects of the Movement and to initiate new Projects, and to participate in the Movement’s governance. Membership fees are for one year from the date of receipt of payment.

  • Individuals  10 EUR
  • Voluntary Membership Associations  No Fee
    (Associations with individual membership which receive no external funding from state or philanthropic sources)
  • Funded Membership Associations  50 EUR
    (Associations with individual membership which receive external funding)
  • Federations of Associations  100 EUR
  • Philanthropic and Aid Organisations  150 EUR
  • Research Centres and Academic Institutions  200 EUR

The following categories of organisations are not eligible for membership:

  • Government agencies
  • For-profit suppliers of services to organisations including consultancy businesses
  • Investor-owned corporations

Click here for the online Membership Form.

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