Here are our seven current projects. Register your interest in those you wish to contribute to:

1. Writers Network
Networking writers around the world who write on civil society in academic, strategic, journalistic and activist forms, for diverse global audiences.

Register your interest here.

2. Local Governments and Civil Society
Identifying innovations in local governance which are devolving power to civil society, and connecting reformers who are standing for election to public office in local governments/ municipalities.

Register your interest here.

3. Global Social Tourism
Linking the world’s local communities and travellers with social enterprises, businesses, and institutions in a collaborative development of social tourism.

Register your interest here.

4. Consumer Cooperatives and Social Enterprises in Health Care
Developing models of consumer-based enterprise in health care that can be developed around the world on a large scale, in partnership with supportive international networks and collaborating agencies.

Register your interest here.

5. Aid and Development Reform Network
Reforming aid and development by empowering civil society.

Register your interest here.

6. Self-Directed Services and Individual Budgets
Identifying major national initiatives in the development of self-directed services and individual budgets in disability, mental health, ageing, chronic illness and education, and replicating these internationally.

Register your interest here.

7. Reforming the Global Cooperative Movement
Identifying and networking individuals and groups who want to revitalize member-owned enterprises, their culture, leadership and representative bodies.

Register your interest here.

Members are invited to propose additional projects.

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